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Girls Best Friend; Butterfly Teaser

Posted by thekittenpup on June 3, 2009


Okay…so the Girls Best Friend Butterfly Teaser is this little bullet with a butterfly shaped sleeve on it.  At approx. 3 1/2″ tall and 3″ wide it’s nice and small and it’s waterproof, which kicks ass, especially for cleaning!  i find little cleaning is needed since it’s not an insertible, but.. cleanliness is next to godliness and all! so cleaning your juice off is not a problem 😉 LOL

Rather unimposing i was still ridiculously excited when i got this little gem in the mail a few days ago.  my 10 year old nephew had gotten the package from the mailman and told me it was by my computer.  i ran and threw on my bathrobe and opened the box like it was fucking Christmas!  LOL Needless to say the boy had that confused look on his face with his eyebrows crinkled and his head cocked to the side as i squealed, put the toy in the pocket of my robe and ran to the bathroom.  “i’ll be in the shower!!” i said.

In the bathroom i popped open the package and was happy to see that it came with 2 full sets of batteries.  i love that!  AND they even came in a little re-closeable box.  It’s the small things, it really is!  So, she takes 4 little watch style batteries and i had no problem putting them in.  Though there was a little paper in the battery tube that didn’t want to come out for nothin’!  i was quite bouncy by that time and ready to explode from impatience!  i wanted to try my first clitoral toy dammit!  1090-10-3.jpg-1229621794

So, i finally get the batteries in, put the cap on and being the impatient little toy whore i am i turned it on right away.  i was very surprised by the power of the little bullet!  Squealing i slipped the sleeve on, which went on surprisingly easy and turned it on again.  Was i excited to see that you can even see the little antennae vibrate!

So, finally i jump into the shower and it was all i could do to wash my hair before i used this cute little thing for the first time.  Now, i have very thick outer lips and pretty much non-existent inner lips.  So, it took me a bit to get this on the right spot.  So i’m standing in the shower, frustrated at my anatomy and getting a bit disappointed and BOOM!  The antennae find that hot spot on my clit.  HOLY SHIT!  i about came right there.

The power this little baby puts out is astonishing, in my opinion.  The antennae themselves have brought me incredible pleasure, provided i can get them on that spot.  However, because of the intense vibrations i find it’s too much for me to use the antennae.  So, i flip it over and use the little butterfly head.  That, my friends, is ppurrrfect for little ‘ole me.  i prefer diffuse stimulation on my clit anyway, and i can lay in bed with this going for quite some time.  The only problem is that i find after a few minutes i go numb.

With this however, i must say is probably partially the fault of my anatomy because this toy is a little wide, so my outer lips get a lot of vibration stimulation.  So, i can only use this new favorite toy of mine for about 5 minutes at a time.  *pouts*

Tonight i tried her with a vibrator.  To be quite blunt, i came a fucking pussy load!  Used with a smaller slightly curved vibrator holy shit!  The one thing for me is i had to place the clitoral stimulator first, but again, this is my anatomy being difficult.  Once i got the teaser turned on and placed, and the porn on and the vibrator turned on and in i was in slutty subbie heaven! i came quite fast and even had jello legs!  *laughs*

Aside from the vibrations almost being too much, this toy is not all that quiet.  i was able to hear the vibrations over the noise of the fish tanks and the sounds/bow-chicca-boow boow  porn music.  So for some that may be something that might need to be kept in mind.

All in all though…i LOVE this one!!  Thanks Eden Fantasies! 😀

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