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Micro Power T

Posted by thekittenpup on June 6, 2009

SE115710Okay.  So… this little guy…i have to say.  WOW.  i can’t think of anything else.  So let’s start at the beginning of my love obsession with the little Micro Power T.  And it’s by California Exotics, which makes me happy.  Love California Exotics!

Got it in the mail and had to wait quite a while before i could open it.  have 2 young children in the house, so right time and place and all that LOL.  i have to say, i was shocked by how small it is.  It’s maybe half an inch larger than the picture to your right there.  i’m serious.  So i was all… “is this IT??”

But, being the strong believer in the whole “motion in the ocean vs size of the boat” adage i plunked in 2 double a batteries (that did not come with it) and hit the little button and turned it on.  HOLY SHIT.

Micro Power? More like Mega Power!  The little T vibrates so … so… well it vibrates the hell out of itself!  i can barely keep hold of it! Needless to say i’m quite glad for the T shape so i can hook my fingers around the T part of the top there.

Now.  Vaginally..well, there’s so little substance to this toy that it’s pointless to even try vaginally.  You can’t feel it.  There’s just not enough of it there, and it’s not big enough to even attempt g-spot stimulation.  The T top of the toy keeps it from any sort of serious insertion.  Again due to the small size, this toy won’t work anally either.  While the T top would keep it from any sort of too-deep insertion accidents, there’s just not enough of it for any sort of internal stimulation.  i have however seen this toy advertised as an anal vibrator…. it’s 2 1/4″ by 1.5″.  Need i say more?image_1157-10-3

However, clitorally this baby rocks the fucking world! The nub at the end of the T is so easy to place wherever you want it on your clit and it’s small enough you can move it around if you want.  Considering the power of the vibrations however, this may be too much if you prefer diffuse pleasure on your clit.

This little guy is also awesome for nipple stimulation.  You are able to place it either directly on your nipple, or (as i prefer) put the longer side against the side of your nipple.  With that i feel the sensations more throughout my entire nipple, rather than so directly on the nub.

It has 4 settings that you can “scroll” through via a button at the top of the power pack.  My big complaint with this toy however is that the button is flush to the power pack itself.  As such, it makes it difficult to find it if it’s dark.  You really can’t tell the different between the power pack and the button.  You just end up sliding your thumb around it for quite some time before you hit it just right to push the button down.

You also can only scroll through all functions.  There’s no button for function 1, then another for function 2, etc.  This gets annoying if you’re looking to get straight to function 3, however is nice if you need a good “wind up” or “wind down.”

The Micro Power T is waterproof, which is handy if you like to play in the pool or tub, and is made of Velvet Cote ™ from Cali Exotics, so it feels nice and silky smooth.  So far i have to say this is my favorite material, however i have lots to try yet!  As it’s waterproof clean up is nice and easy! 🙂  Just wash it with your favorite toy cleaner or hot water and your choice of cleaning agent.

OH!  Can’t forget the sound level.  It’s quiet.  It’s DAMN quiet.  i can have this baby out from under the blankets and on the highest setting i barely hear it. 😀

i love this one! Thanks again Eden Fantasies!!

4 Responses to “Micro Power T”

  1. whatdoveganseat said

    *WANT* 🙂

    • thekittenpup said

      tee hee don’t blame ya. i’m wanting play with it again less than 24 hours later *giggle*

      • whatdoveganseat said

        I think I’ll be needing to send Master to your blog. 🙂 Maybe it’ll give him more ideas for presents for me. (I am always trying to get him to give me more presents! *laughs*)

      • thekittenpup said

        LOL not a thing wrong with that girl! i’ll be having a new toy to review arrive tomorrow also! WOOT! 😀 i’ve looked and the Micro Power T is hard to find, this was the only link to purchase i could track down and it’s a UK store. Not sure if they ship internationally.

        And feel free to send him on over! 😉

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