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Evolved Diamond Lustre

Posted by thekittenpup on June 9, 2009

EN-AD-0001-06Aaahhhh the Diamond Lustre…  is it possible to be both fully disappointed and fully in love with one toy at once?  Well, if not piss off! *laughs* ‘Cuz that’s how i feel about this little guy. The Evolved Diamond Lustre is a g-spot vibrator . So here’s goes…

Okay, appearances first… He’s got a satiny smooth finish, phthalate free.  He’s 4 1/2″ long with an insertible length of 3 1/4″ with a thickness of about 1″.  The g-spot “hook” however is disappointingly small.  i do greatly enjoy the little jewels along the battery cap though!  They are inserted quite firmly and i don’t forsee them falling out or anything, so long as you take at least half-way decent care of your toy. 

He is waterproof, with a screw on cap, so that’s handy for both play and clean up.  The actual material is plastic, so i wouldn’t boil him or anything, but he’s good for a nice hot scrub, or use with your chosen cleaning agent. Also, since he’s velvety plastic, there’s not much problem with lint or hair sticking to him, when he’s not all lubed and/or juiced up 😉 thumbnail

Performance… now.  For me, this little beauty does not work as a g-spot vibe.  At all.  No way, no how.  *cry* It’s just too short.  This is another thing leading back to my anatomy, not the toy.  i have very thick outer lips, with pretty much no inner lips.  As such, seems there’s just a need for more length.  i have to say he tried.  He tried his damndest to hit my g-spot (wherever it is lol)  He would just barely hit it, and start me on the raod and he just couldn’t keep it there.  LOL Maybe i have a mobile g-spot.

Clitorally however, there’s nothing quite like him.  He has incredible power for such a small toy.  And the sound level isn’t bad either.  Mid range, not loud not super quiet.  The satiny smooth finish makes him feel excellent on the sensitive clit, and the size and shape is just perfect if you need to move him around to find that magic spot. However, it’s more of a diffuse sensation, rather than hard/direct, so keep that in mind.

Being the nipple freak i am i also tested him on my nipples.  If you put the very tip of the g-spot “hook” right on the tip of your nipple with him close to high speed, holy crap!  Nipple sensation heaven i tell you!  i found that he works best if you place it just like that, i didn’t like it nearly as much on the aereola or the sides of the nipple. i can orgasm from this.

The control is a twist-ee control on the base of him, where the little jewels are.  You just twist it and it goes higher or lower.  i think i’m glad it’s this way though, he seems too small for push button control, and for this type of toy i don’t think pulsations would be right.

All in all i’m quite fond of this little toy.  While i am greatly disappointed he wasn’t able to get my g-spot, as a clitoral stimulator he’s just perfect.  And being small and waterproof, he’s quite versatile for taking him places.  And also, the tin he comes in allows you easy and safe storage for him.  He uses 1 AA battery, not included in the package. Thanks Eden Fantasys!!!en-ad-0001-06-2-box

15 Responses to “Evolved Diamond Lustre”

  1. Faete said

    Ok, now this one I want just based on the LOOK of it. I mean, to me, little rhinestones just SCREAM kitty! lol. 🙂 But I’m also big on clitoral stimulation, so I think I’d love this toy.

    Know what? Most g-spot toys I have found I can’t use well on my own. When Master uses them on me, he has NO trouble getting to my g-spot. But when I use it on my own, I feel like I have the same length issue. I’m not sure if it has to do with anatomy as much as it has to do with angle. (Maybe in your case it has to do with anatomy.. but it also might be the angle). It’s just weird, because like I said I always feel like the g-spot toys I have are too short.. But then when Master wields them. 🙂 Well… =^_^= purrr.


    • thekittenpup said

      Hehe i know! It’s so purrty! 😀 There’s 2 more in the line of this one. Same style …. pppuuuurrrrttyyy rhinestones.

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