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The Kiss of Cupid

Posted by thekittenpup on July 28, 2009

20090605094245647Ahhhh the kiss of cupid ….teehee 😉 Now, if it weren’t for the amazing performance this would be a bad review.  This vibrator is touted as a g-spot vibrator..and holy hell do i agree!!!

Now.  The specs.  The Cupid’s Kiss by Shaki Toys is a ribbed, g-spot vibrator made of “surgical grade” silicone.  It has a beautiful velvety soft texture and is ribbed to perfection.  The insertible length is 6″ while the overall length is 7 1/4″. The girth is a wonderfully filling 1 3/4″.  Now.  The packaging (which i must say has grammatical errors on it) states that the vibrator is waterproof.  Well, there’s no o-ring in the battery case so i wouldn’t submerge it.  However it’s a good screw on cap so taking it in  the shower is cool 🙂  This does create a little hassle with cleaning it so i’d stick to your favorite toy cleaner for this one.  And on that note, this one does not pick up every little piece of fuzz and lint!  yay! LOL

A major complaint i have is that the control for the vibrating functions is a little button right on the tip of the battery cap.  So.  That makes it so you have only limited ways you can hold on to it.  Even more annoying however, is that this toy has several functions of high-medium-low vibrations as well as escalations and pulsations.  Normally that’s awesome, however you have to cycle through them ALL every time.  To get to your favorite, to get to the end or beginning or whatever, you have to cycle.  through.  them.  all.  Annoying as hell if you ask me!  However, the vibrations are incredibly quiet!! On high, not under the covers it’s still very soft.  Yay!! This does mean that the vibes on this toy are not exactly earth shattering.  They are not soft, but not an earthquake.  i’d put them right on medium in force.

The ribs.  Oohhhh the ribs.  Now.  i love trying new toys.  i however generally don’t like too much in the rib department.  *shrugs* Just how i’m put together i guess.  However.  Dunno if it’s the velvety softness or what…but i have the most incredible g-spot orgams from this baby.  Those ribs rub me in just the right place to shoot me skyward almost immediately.  Because of this..i love this one i love it i love it!  It’s not the fancy ones, it’s not all that expensive, it however does come in pink also! LOL

Oohhh and we can’t forget the clit!  The tip on the Kiss is pointed and perfect for some clit action!  However, with the not earth-shaking vibes, if you need extreme vibe action for your clit, look elsewhere.

But, if you are like me and need the stroking sensation on your g-spot.. oh hell ya get this one!!

Thanks Eden Fantasys!!!!

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