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SportSheet’s Doorjam Cuffs

Posted by thekittenpup on July 29, 2009

Untitled 442There’s really nothing quite like being bound up. There’s something very elemental about it when it’s rope from Walmart (or the local hardware store lol) However.. it brings a whole new element into it when it’s a product made just for that. Enter stage left Sportsheet’s Doorjam Cuffs. i have to say i love these. i almost want a second set so i can have my feet cuffed to the door too!!

When you purchase this, you get a set of 2 cuffs attached to 2 straps that go over (or under if you’re doing feet) the door.  The cuffs hang down approximately 7 inches from the top of the door, so depending on your height there may be problems.  i stand about 5′ 7″ and i was quite comfortable in them.  However, if you’re on the shorter side of things, perhaps 5’2″ you may be stretched quite a lot, so if you really want to use these, i’d suggest heels.

Untitled 445

On the other side of the strap are plastic..tubes i suppose you could call them.  They are a softer plastic and capped with rubber ends, thus they will not damage the door.

The cuffs themselves are approximately 12″ long and can fit both wrists and ankles comfortably.  They are lined with a layer of faux fur that keeps them very soft to the skin.  They do begin to get warm quite quickly, though they are not very thick, so i wasn’t disturbed too much by them.  For any long play sessions though i can see you sweating in these.

These cuffs are also quite tough.  i tugged and pulled on them and while they have a tendency to slide back and forth a bit, i didn’t have any problem with them damaging the door, nor did the velcro slip one bit!

All in all i’m very pleased with these.  If you’re looking for pre-made bondage gear i highly suggest these!

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