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the joy of glass

Posted by thekittenpup on August 26, 2009

SSPX0027So, thanks to Eden Fantasys i got the pleasure of reviewing the Lucid Heart glass dildo. Lemme just say that… my vagina cries when i take the dildo away from it and put it away.  Now, this was my first glass dildo, so i have to say i was glad it isn’t some huge thing.  The Lucid Heart has a modest inserible length of 4 3/4″ with a total length of 7″.  The thickness, not including the bulb at the end is a comfortable 1 1/2″.

i’d have to say that my favorite part is the handle.   The heart shaped handle is perfect for looping a finger through. What i really love about it, is that instead of getting a plain in and out motion you also get a sort of circular movement that is wwoonnddeerrffuull in the g-spot area.   She’s not all that great for stimulating my g-spot to orgasm, however for some good keeping-you-*right*-*there* oohhh yes.

Plus, with that lovely slight curve, she is really able to hit any spot you want with her bulbous head.  Being glass she is very hard and rigid, which i love.  Personally, i hate nothing more than having to fight with a dildo sliding here or there ‘cuz it’s so limp.  i mean..who wants a limp noodle? lol not this subbie-poo!

i must tell this quick story..the first time i used this toy, i laid down on my bed and was incredibly excited!  So, i start playing, do my thing and finish.  Had such a good orgasm i’m surprised someone didn’t come complain for the noise! LOL So i stat pulling her out and my vagina says “NO!” and clamps down on her.  There was an audible, loud suction sound as i pulled the damn thing out!  That’s how awesome this toy is.

Oh, and clitorally, as there’s no vibration i don’t forsee many enjoying the Lucid Heart on their clits.  Especially since the head is so large it’d be hard to find that one spot ya know?  However, i did quite enjoy it on mine with a pushing  or thrusting type motion.


Being glass, the Lucid Heart is boilable and bleachable for easy cleaning.  If you do use bleach, please do not use any more than a 10% solution.  (That’s 10% bleach to 90% water.) It’s also great for using the toy at different temperatures.  i will admit to not heating it up for playing.  Why?  Because it’s summer and hot.  The last thing i want is a hot toy in my vagina.  HOWEVER, i pretty much always use her cool.  There’s just something about..mmmm.  The contrast i think.  You get all hot and bothered, and then slip a nice cool toy into you.  OHh yes, this i *highly* recommend!!  That’s pretty much why i wanted a glass toy.  For the cool-ness-ability.

Complaint you say?  Yes.  i have one.  SSPX0030*points to the photo on the left*  That’s the packaging.  Notice there’s nothing holding the dildo in there.  It does come in a box *points to above photo* however, unless you thread one measly twisty tie through holes you can’t see because of the Styrofoam there’s nothing keeping the dildo in the container.  Even as i write this i notice the cats knocked the box to it’s side and there the dildo is flying all over inside the packaging.  (And yes, i have a more secure place to put it, just had it laying in the box on the bed whilst i write the review.)

On that note, also with glass toys much care is needed to not drop then.  Any fissures or cracks or such would be muy bad juu-juu!!!

But all in all, i must say that the Lucid Heart is my new “old faithful” when it comes to any sex toy. With her easy cleaning, rigidity, that heart handle, bulbous head and the ability to chill her… *shivers pleasantly* Oohh yes, i almost want 2 of her!!


7 Responses to “the joy of glass”

  1. thepinkpoppet said

    I have seen this one before and was wondering about it but had not heard anyone review it up until now. Thanks for the good information. I may have to add this one to my growing collection of special adult toys…will have to start using an additional dresser drawer soon to hold all of these since I already have lots, but more are always welcome.

    • thekittenpup said

      Yep, i need to get a new case for mine as well. They quickly outgrew the little tool bag/box i had them in. And have most of them in currently. Though, i really need to find a better way to store this one.. hmm…

  2. thepinkpoppet said

    I have made silky bags with bubble wrap or thin Styrofoam sandwiched between layers of fabric and had a drawstring at the top. Is perfect for glass toys. I am very crafty and like the do-it-yourself approach to things. Also when you purchase bags like these, they often cost a lot. I can make 4 or 5 for the cost of buying one already made. Just an idea for your glass toys.

    • thekittenpup said

      *nods* i too prefer making my own stuff, and that’s a very good idea. i do in fact have both styrofoam and bubble wrap..hhmmm….

  3. Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

  4. omega said

    may i ask how you become a toy reviewer?

    • thekittenpup said

      Well for me they emailed me and asked if i would. Otherwise, you can go to the Eden Fantasys site, and start writing reviews for products you already have that they sell. Then, there’s a vote to see if you can become “advanced” which is where they give you product to review.

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