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my last choice for a

Posted by thekittenpup on September 11, 2009

This is a review posted directly to the Eden Fantasys website about the 7 Function Quickie Vibe by Lady Calston.

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So, if i have a least favorite toy, it’s this one.  First off it uses size N batteries, which is pretty much camera batteries.  And it doesn’t come with any so you have to purchase special batteries.  Secondly, the sleeves are so very hard to slip on.  By the time you’re done you’ve had to lube them up so much you spend more time doing all that, then cleaning a bunch of the lube off that’s pooled at the end after sliding it on, that the mood is almost ruined.

The toy itself is quite powerful, while being surprisingly quiet.  So that is a major pro.  However, the slip on ends are painful.  My clit is very sensitive, and no matter which slip on end i used, it hurt.  At least on my clit, the ends have to be placed so very specifically it’s too much sensation and i can’t keep it on there longer than a couple seconds.  I get no pleasure from it.

This toy is perfect for someone who likes/needs very direct stimulation on their clit.

There are 7 settings including steady vibrations and pulsations via a button on the bottom of the battery cap.  I find this location for the button quite inconvenient as often you have a finger over the end for stability and control when using a toy.  Also, you must cycle through all 7 settings to get anywhere.  If you’re on setting 2 and want setting 5, you must cycle through them all, plus to turn it off.

This little bugger comes with 3 silicone “caps” or “sleeves”.  One has 4 small nubs that i found excruciatingly painful.  The second has 4 long bits that could be called feelers that are in one row.  I had the best luck with this one.  The last has 4 similar bits that are arranged on one end that make a sort of cup shape.  This one either hit the right spot too hard, or didn’t hit any spot at all.

A good benefit with this toy is that it is waterproof.  It has a good o-ring along the battery cap to keep water out.  This will aid you immensely in cleaning it, however I wouldn’t keep it submerged too long as I don’t feel the battery cap screws on securely enough.

It is also quite small, and if one was inclined it could easily be slipped into a purse or even pocket for traveling purposes. I however do not feel it is quiet enough to make it in a public place without being overheard, unless there was a lot of other noise around to drown it out.

For cleaning, i would suggest your favorite toy cleaner for the vibrator.  For the caps you are going to need a good bit of water to rinse out the lube you have to use to get the caps on the vibrator.  Please be very thorough with cleaning the sleeves.

The packaging is merely a plastic box with indentations for each part.  If you end up getting this toy and enjoying it, i would suggest something more like a set of pouches or even small boxes so the sleeves do not get damaged.

All in all, this is quite a unique toy that packs a punch of power.  Having the 3 caps adds some nice variety if this type of toy is what you are looking for.

3 Responses to “my last choice for a”

  1. Alley said

    That’s about what I said referring to another Lady Calston product I reviewed. It actually had the same bullet that you have here. The bullet was the only part worth anything to the whole toy 😦 You had to slip it into the toy, and that took lube (of course, right). I prefer to save my lube for body parts, so I was not a fan. Good, honest review.

    • thekittenpup said

      Alley: LOL glad it’s just not me! I can’t say i’ve ever disliked a toy as much as i disliked that one. Granted the Gallant came close!

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    my last choice for a « the kitten pup

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