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Dreamgirl Chemise Review :D

Posted by thekittenpup on November 21, 2009

Okay. First off. I LOVE IT!! And secondly? I LOVE IT!! 😀 Yea. Figured out that I love this one? I actually had no idea it was coming. When it was dropped off I thought it was my new cell phone LOL (that’s a whole other story, but turns out the phone was left on my back step 2 days ago >.<)

So, Eden Fantasys sent me the Sexy pinstripe chemise set by Dreamgirl. Now, I do admit to being a bit nervous about it at the beginning.  Being a bigger girl, (even after the 38lb weight loss) things like this have a hard time falling right on my body.  They bunch and stretch and and do all sorts of uncomfortable things.  So, I was quite happy when I got the lingerie and it was a nice stretchy microfiber!

Now.  I admit to being disappointed that it only came in a plastic bag.  But *shrugs* beggars can’t be choosers!  It would be quite simple to wrap in nice tissue paper if it was a gift.  It comes in 4 sizes, s-m-l-1x/2x.  Now.  I wear the 1x/2x size.  And it sits quite well on my body!!

It also comes with a pair of panties, the in-between regular and thong with nice bikini sides.  They are incredibly comfortable!!! (For us big girls, they are not the style that pulls up over half your belly.  They sit right over the groin area.)

Also, this outfit is *made* to show off your ass!! The back of the chemise has a cut out portion for your tooshy to show off the wonderful shape that it is!!

The microfiber feels wonderful along the skin, it has quite a silky texture.  It also moves quite nice, allowing for good movement if you’re dancing or doing whatever.  I did quite a lot of walking around, trying on different stockings and footwear in it, and aside from doing a little of the “pull-down-and-shimmy-dance” I had no problems with it.  (Due to my body shape it scrunched up a little under my breasts.  Not much of a complaint, if you ask me, considering the comfort factor even with this.)

Now.  In this pic, I am simply putting my hands on my hips.  I am not holding the parts aside.  I have hips.  Hips like battleships.  So.  The back gets parted more than what I think would be “normal” due to my sizeable hips.  While I do wish the chemise was a tad bit longer, I love how it shows off the ass.  If your partner is an ass man/woman, GET THIS! 😀

The chemise has underwire cups with a cute little button between them that has a jewel on it.  The cups are a bit small even for me, (i’m somewhere around a 39B1/2) so if your bust is much more than that your breasts will strain against the chemise and perhaps spill out.  Granted, that’s what you want sometimes!! LOL

This outfit can work very much with several “looks” ranging from naughty secretary to schoolgirl, to simply a sexy, cute outfit for your partner.  I enjoyed wearing a top-hat style hat with my sexy heels and thought the look worked quite well.  You could also use a tie for this look, stockings with garters, or any other combination if you’re looking for dress up play.The one thing however, is that split over the butt that I spoke of earlier.  I can see this tearing easily, if there’s a whole lot of tugging on the item.  So, if you plan on rough play, get this off first.  Or, if you’re handy with a needle and thread, put some extra stitches in there to help it hold together.

All  in all, I’m very, very happy with this outfit, and do plan on going to Eden Fantasys for more sexy lingerie . And they also carry costumes as well! LOL

product picture
Chemise and panty set by DreamGirl
Material: Lace / Microfiber

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