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Massage Heaven

Posted by thekittenpup on February 10, 2010

Quite happily, last week I received in the mail the Kama Sutra Massage Therapy Kit from Eden Fantasys . It’s a nice zippered pack of 5 types of massage oil from KamaSutra. I can’t tell you how excited I was about this!!

Needless to say, it didn’t take very long for me to have my boyfriend naked and in bed, with his wonderful back exposed to me! 😀

First things first, I’m very happy with the bottles themselves.  They are 2oz each, and are slightly textured so if you need to get more massage oil mid ministrations, you don’t have to fight with the bottle slipping out of your hands.  The little pack they come in is clear so you can see which scent you’re grabbing at, with a cardboard insert in the back so it stays rigid.  It also has a zipper on the top, though it seems a little cheap.  I don’t think it would take very much to rip it or get it snagged or something.  My only complaint with the package.  The plastic is nice and thick, not the brittle kind that rips with just a little bump.  The smells of the oils stay in the pack very nicely, without making everything around them smell like they do.

The massage oils themselves are wonderful!  They absorb very nicely into the skin, and stay slick for quite a long time.  They also are not oily at all.  While you are left with the feeling of the oil on your skin, it’s not that nasty oily feeling that you can get with some lotions.  It is simply a nice soft, smooth skin feeling.  Unless you dumped an entire bottle of the stuff all over you and/or your partner, there isn’t even a need to wash afterwords…unless the massage led to other play 😉

So, this massage kit comes with 5 scents of the kama sutra massage oil in it. In the order they’re in my pack, which really probably means little (LOL) we have:

  • Sweet Almond – This is perhaps my favorite.  It is very sweet, and according to my nose has a little bit of a hint of cherry to it.  If you have sensitive scent it could be too sweet.  In my opinion it’s good for a playful massage.
  • Healing Blend – This scent is incredibly herbal and can move itself right into the front of your forehead.  If you are sensitive to scents in a migraine sense, be careful with this one.  I am myself, and had to make sure not to bring my hands too close to my nose.  However, my boyfriend is even more sensitive and he loved this scent.  This scent is very good for a nice long, relaxing massage and perhaps even a little spiritual work, if you follow alternative spiritual paths.
  • Serenity – This scent is very similar to the healing blend, but perhaps with a more flowery smell, rather than herbal.  It is almost soapy.
  • Pleasure Garden – This is a very perfumey scent, but doesn’t “hit the forehead” quite like the previous two.  This variety would be very good for a long afternoon of sexual play and adventure.  I highly recommend this one for a very sensual full body massage with the intention of further sex play.
  • Soaring Spirit – This is my boyfriends favorite, and my second favorite.  It is a very wonderful minty smell, a good combination of peppermint and spearmint.  This type of scent is the kind that can take your headache away.  This variety of the massage oils would be perfect after a long stressful day.

This massage kit is perfect for beginners to sensual massage, or for experienced massagers who want to try a new kind of oil, or who just want to add to their collection.  I honestly cannot think of anyone this would not be good for.  It is the perfect accessory to your sensual repertoire.  About the only thing I could possibly think of that this kit could use would be a book about sensual massage.

Thanks Eden Fantasys!! 4 out of 5 stars!!!

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