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My new favorite lube!!!

Posted by thekittenpup on February 10, 2010

When I was younger I never put much stock in lube. .  Why? Who knows.  ‘Cuz I was young and new everything, ya know.  I’ve never had lubrication problems, and never had been with anyone thick enough, or uncircumcised.  So, never had the need.  Well, now that I’m older, on birth control (can reduce a woman’s natural lubrication), having a LOT of sex, plus am with an uncircumcised thick man, we need lube. Lots of it.

We’d played with a lot of warming lubes, and ice and that got me to thinking……COOLING!  So, after searching I found Climax Bursts Cooling Lube. I’d made sure to read the reviews of it and got a little of both. Some uber good, and if my memory serves me, a couple not so good. Well, if nothing else it just LOOKS fucking COOL!!

So anyway, I broke down and bought some.  I just HAD to try it!

First off, the bottle is really nice.  It’s got a nice pop top where you just pop up the top and can squirt some out, then pop it back down.  Looks cool, looks like a nipple 😉 and easy to use.  The only problem (and my one and ONLY complaint) is that it can get gunked up a bit.  This can be mostly avoided if you just make sure to include in your toy cleaning routine to wipe off the top a bit. 

As you can see here at the top of the bottle of the Climax Bursts Anal Lubricant it can very easily and quickly get gunked up.  In this photo the bottle is open.  But, if it gets so gunked up you can’t open it, the top does twist off as well, though then it’s a much larger opening.

So, performance.  The cooling lubricant is absolutely amazing.   It’s liquid based, so it’s safe for use with any sort of toy including silicone toys.  The little “bursting beads” burst with any sort of pressure and you really cannot feel them, even on something as sensitive as nipples.  (clicky the picture to make it bigger and you’ll see the “burst beads” around the areola of my nipple there)

The lube goes on very nice and smooth and is a tad thicker than your standard water based lubricant.  Also as it’s just a little thicker (think of an inbetween thickness between gel lube and liquid lube, it’s like right in the middle) It works excellent with any sort of toy, plus during intercourse.  You don’t notice the cooling sensation immediately, until air hits it.

It works best for us as a foreplay lubricant, as it can be too much for my boyfriend after sex, because of how sensitive his penis is.  After sex especially once the air hits it, you REALLY feel it.

Used during intercourse I myself haven’t felt much of the cooling actually inside my vagina, the “same way” so to speak, that I’ve felt warming lubricants.  (And yes, the climax bursts warming lubricant is on my list! LOL) The best way, in my opinion, to use it during sex is to put some of the lube on the outer labia.  Believe me, during the thrusting you will feel it!

As a note to my kinky sadistic and masochistic friends out there…here’s what you do to hear those wonderful squeals from your partner… use the lube for all of your play on her/him, including on the outer labia, or scrotum if your partner is a man.  Once you’re done playing and they’re laying there all huffing and puffing in afterglow… blow a nice gentle breath over their genitals… *evil grin* Muahahaha!!!!!

Highly, highly recommended!!  5 stars for sure!!!

One Response to “My new favorite lube!!!”

  1. Joel said

    Lube is pretty awesome, though actually, the foreskin makes lube less of a requirement, not more of one.

    The movement of the foreskin reduces abrasive friction during sexual activity – making small tearing less likely – in short, the sex stays wetter, smoother for longer.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t need lube at all, especially if he is very thick.

    The movement of the foreskin is sometimes called “the gliding mechanism” but I have heard it referred to a few times as “built-in lube” or “nature’s lube”

    🙂 hope that was an interesting random nugget of information. 🙂

    Great blog, by the way.

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