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the best for anal play

Posted by thekittenpup on February 10, 2010

As I’m sure you can tell by my previous post/review about the climax bursts cooling lube I have become quite enamored with the whole Climax Bursts lubricant line.

So, as I and my boyfriend have been playing more and more anally, I decided that I wanted to try the Climax Bursts Anal Lubricant as well.  With as incredibly important as it is to use a lubricant for anal play, we wanted to make sure we used a good one.  Well, in my opinion this one is the best.

The bursting beads in this anal lubricant are the same in the cooling. You don’t so much feel the beads as their effect.  With the anal lube, the beads are vitamin E.  So what does this do for you?  Well it does 2 things.  It keeps the skin’s elasticity and it helps the man stay hard.  Pretty good on all accounts in my opinion!

It’s water based, glycerin free and ultra thick!  It’s also silicone free, so it’s safe for play with any toy.  The lube lasts a long time, and while we weren’t trying for any anal play marathons, it didn’t need any reapplication for us.  Clean-up with this lube is also a snap.  There was no stickiness with it, and washed off right away.

I think this anal lubricant would work well for both beginners and experienced anal players! 5 Stars!!!

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loving the beadazzle

Posted by thekittenpup on December 22, 2009

So when I was asked if I had any preference to what I reviewed next I decided I wanted to try an anal toy .  I was sent The Beadazzle . Phthalates free, The Beadazzle is made out of Elastomer and 8 1/2″ long.  It’s purple and has a widest circumference of 4″.  This toy is beaded and the end rotates with multiple speeds.  The control is one button that slides up and down.  It is very easy to use, however with this rotation and how tight the anal canal can be sometimes the handle rotates at all which makes it a little difficult to hold on to.

The Beadazzle takes 3 AAA batteries which did not come in the package I got.  The packaging was a simple plastic box with the toy itself in a little plastic baggy.  The box however did come with a warning label.  The standard non-medical use line along with a warning to not use on hemorrhoids.  The best part of the warning label however was the warning to not use this toy on calf pain.

Moving along, we must always ensure to use plenty of lube with anal play.  I prefer to use water based non-silicone lube.  Also, if you don’t use a condom with your anal toys make sure to clean it thoroughly. It is not waterproof though, so I highly suggest using a toy cleaner.  Elastomer is porous however, so if this toy will be used in more that one place, even on the same person, please ensure to clean it thoroughly!!

When turned on, the end of this toy rotates.  The swinging motion of the tip of this anal vibrator feels incredibly good on the inside of the anal canal. I would say that the rotation is about 1 1/2″ or so.  Nothing too much but enough to feel.

The first time I used this toy I had my boyfriend used it on me.  As it’s not too terribly big, it’s easy to slip in and take a comfortable position while your partner uses it on you.  With the rotation setting set on medium and a nice in and out motion, The Beadazzle massages perfectly.

If you’re a beginner to anal play, this toy is an incredible toy to start with.  It’s thin at the end so it goes in smooth, but widens enough at the end to give you a little stretch.  The uniqueness of this toy however makes it wonderful for more the experienced as well. Thanks Eden Fantawsys!! .

product picture
Probe by Vibratex
Material: Elastomer

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