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Ahoy mateys!! It’s a pirates 2 review on the horizon!

Posted by thekittenpup on January 24, 2010

Needless to say, I was pretty darn excited when I received Pirates; Stagnetti’s Revenge in the mail from Drew over at Eden Fantasy’s a few days ago.  With as much as I loved the first one, I had, perhaps, unrealistic hopes for the sequel. I have to say though, they get major kudos for keeping as much of the original cast as what seemed possible.

One other major thing about this sequel is that they (as sequels often do) went the way of more racy, more edgy, just plain more.  There’s more sex scenes, more threesomes and anal play in most, if not all of the sex scenes. We also see more spanking and even one orgy! 🙂  There is also a LOT of g/g action.  There’s actually more g/g, and f/f/m then just plain ‘ole f/m in this one! 🙂 And with wonderful lines such as “If you’re gonna hit me, then you’d better fucking hit me” we see the racier side of Stagnetti’s Revenge in the first girl-on-girl scene.

And if I may say so myself, this scene is incredible with it’s fight for domination between the two highest ranking females on the ship.  The power struggle is incredible, and even though I feel that this scene goes on too long, it’s fucking HOT! 😉 There’s even some hand on neck action!  So you power exchange fans out there, I’m thinking you’ll LOVE this scene!

As an aside, it was also nice to see a couple uncircumcised penises in this film!  In my experiences with adult films, that’s not the most common sighting.  As this is a period piece from the 1700’s, we see no use of sex toys however, near the end, Evan Stone certainly gives us some unique-ness by hanging from the ceiling! 🙂 And with some plain ‘ole, down-n-dirty butt sex 😀

Once again, the cg is well done (especially for the lower budget of an adult film) and the costumes are very well done and appropriate for not only the setting and time, but also for the character wearing them.  I am also very impressed with the set design.  Each room [set] is unique unto itself, appropriate for the time period and also for the purpose.

The movie starts out with some decent background story telling via the bad guys.  We get a good sense of that the main theme for the movie will be, asides sex that is lol.  Shortly after that, we see our main character, once again played by one of my favorite adult actors: Evan Stone. Additional cast to return are: Jesse Jane and Steven St. Croix, as well as Tommy Gunn reprising his well acted role of Stagnetti. I however greatly wish that Janine could have returned as Serena, however they do keep the character throughout this story. You’ll see how 😉

We find that we are returning to the story immediately after the end of Pirates. Basically, Cpt. Edward and Jules are trying to get Serena’s warrant stayed, since she ended up defecting and helping the good guys. At the same time, unbeknownst to them, the bad guys are gearing up for their deadly plot.  Also at this same time, the gunner Wu and another crew mate getting into their own foibles looking for Wu’s sister Ai and Serena’s cousin Olivia (the female whom Jules has the power struggle with.)

As usual for Edward, he gets himself into the most unique situations 🙂 Such as being a voyeur at a rather well done orgy 😉

Now.  This feature includes some awesome special features which include a bonus sex scene, making of featurette, bloopers, extended sex scenes, deleted scenes and tons more than that!

This movie was very well made, with a full story that ties in the prequel, incredible set design and costumes, as well as incredible acting by the main characters.  The movie itself with no extended scenes is approx. 138 minutes.  The special features are over 2 hours as well as the behind the scenes footage is over 2 hours.  11 sex scenes and over 600 special effects 🙂

On the down side, there are several parts of the movie that are cheesy in the bad way.  And of course the obligatory porn star acting from those that were quite obviously not used to standard acting versus adult film acting.   My biggest complaint would be the few oral sex scenes where the actresses were obviously gagging.  While it does add realism, I just don’t find it attractive and had to actively force myself back into the scene.  These however were few and very far in between.  We must also not forget the obligatory every-money-shot-in-the-mouth as well.

One thing that really helped, for me, to overshadow the above negatives was the wonderful play between Evan Stone and Jesse Jane’s characters Edward and Jules.  The subtleties were wonderful and really helped make this movie seem “real” as opposed to “porn.”

Aside from that, the story is well told and closes up loose ends left by the first installment.  They left the end open, in my opinion, enough, should they want to make a third installment.  If they do however, I think it would be a bit of a stretch, to keep the story going.

As a quick aside, I just need to say that every movie I’ve seen with Evan Stone has been incredible.  His acting is wonderful and I am fully intending on watching more of him!!

And now, because this is my review and I can… scenes from the porn!!! 😀

All in all, I am very impressed with this adult movie! Thanks Eden Fantasy’s!! 4 out of 5!!

product picture
DVD by Digital Playground
Cast: Stoya, Charles Dera, Abbey Brook, Brea Lynn
Director: Joone

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the very viable joys of space nuts

Posted by thekittenpup on November 12, 2009

Okay. This movie, is one of the most enjoyable films I’ve ever seen, especially for a porn. Done by Wicked Pictures it stars Evan Stone, Stormy, Mike Horner, Andy Spears and Devinn Lane. As i’m sure you can already tell by the title, it’s a satire on SpaceBalls/Star Wars. And Satire they did!! 😀 So, let’s get into it shall we?? heh..heh..heh

So first off, thanks Eden Fantasys for sending me this!! Space Nuts, while not the best porn, nor my favorite movie, is my favorite satire of all time!!

I have to say, I was quite impressed right away. They put in a nice blurb about safe sex. Always nice. Untitled-1 copy

I want to stress here though, that after this there is strobing as the Wicked Pictures self-promo shot comes up. So, if you’re sensitive to strobing or are epileptic or anything, please be aware of this. Now. After this I must give them kudos. They use the Star Wars style yellow lettering traveling up the page [into space] for a little intro to the story. Once again. Satire! 😀 LOVED it!

So, we start with sex. Of course 😀 Princess Hubba Hubba (yep, i’m serious. Please remember: satire) needs some companionship on the SS Royal Brat. teehee i want me one! Untitled-2 copy

It’s shortly thereafter that we meet Jeeves. He’s Princess Hubba Hubba’s faithful robot companion. Now. I think Jeeves is my favorite character, despite Evan Stone being my favorite adult actor.

From here, we meet the Evil Overlord and the Dark Witch.  Now this is incredibly entertaining!  The Evil Overlord is trying to kidnap Princess Hubba Hubba so he can marry her and rule her star system, the Clitoran System.  😉 So he shoots her ship and captures a space pod.

Now, I’m not going to ruin the plot too much, as there actually is a plot in this movie.  Shortly hereafter we meet Buzz StarFucker, captain of the Floating Balls Space Casino.  Untitled-4 copyNow, the sets they did were pretty good 🙂 Of course, it’s a room here, a room there.  But, we have to remember that this is an adult film.  The budget is not quite what it would be otherwise.  Here Jeeves get’s his first sex scene.  Him and Princess Hubba Hubba get picked up by StarFucker and are made to work on the Floating Balls.  Jeeves was a pleasure-bot.  teehee Untitled-7 copyNow, I must say.  I enjoy this movie for the satire-ity of it.  Not the sex.  The sex scenes are mediocre at best.  Each one ends exactly the same way, cum-on-face.  So if you like that, watch away!!!  I have to say though, that all sex scenes involved use of condoms, which is awesome as safety always first.  The cinematography though, on the sex scenes was really good.  I, for one, do not watch porn for up close cock-in-pussy.  Untitled-11 copy

I have to say though, I really enjoyed the costumes, especially these 2 in the requisite 3-some.  I like how they themed the colors and also ensured they matched the set work.

My favorite sex scenes are at the very end.  The last 3 actually.  Untitled-14 copyThis is one of them…and dayam she has a nice ass!!!  If nothing else, this movie has nice female ass!!!

Well, that and some great positions.  Untitled-3 copyHoly smokes right?  And yes, despite the veins in that arm, it IS a woman! lol My favorite “position” one though is when StarFocker finally gets to shag the Princess.

So, eventually the Evil Overlord does capture Princess Hubba Hubba, to which Jeeves and StarFucker must team up to rescue her.  And well..let’s just say..that’s when the movie gets really entertaining!!!

Untitled-15 copy
All in all, mediocre sex scenes aside this is an enjoyable movie.  IF you’re itching to watch something entertaining that’s not a children’s flick, this is it.  If you’re wanting adult satire, this is most definitely it!!  If you’re wanting quality sex scenes, this is not it.  The sex however, while not moving the plot along,  so-to-speak is worked into the plot well.

And ladies and gents, if you want or need any othersex toys please do go to Eden Fantasys! If you put 6CF in the “partner code” entry box it’ll give you a discount! The store is easy on the eyes, well priced and has an incredible selection!




product picture
DVD by Wicked Pictures
Cast: Amber Rain, Casey Pink, Devinn Lane, Evan Stone
Director: Jonathan Morgan
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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