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loving the beadazzle

Posted by thekittenpup on December 22, 2009

So when I was asked if I had any preference to what I reviewed next I decided I wanted to try an anal toy .  I was sent The Beadazzle . Phthalates free, The Beadazzle is made out of Elastomer and 8 1/2″ long.  It’s purple and has a widest circumference of 4″.  This toy is beaded and the end rotates with multiple speeds.  The control is one button that slides up and down.  It is very easy to use, however with this rotation and how tight the anal canal can be sometimes the handle rotates at all which makes it a little difficult to hold on to.

The Beadazzle takes 3 AAA batteries which did not come in the package I got.  The packaging was a simple plastic box with the toy itself in a little plastic baggy.  The box however did come with a warning label.  The standard non-medical use line along with a warning to not use on hemorrhoids.  The best part of the warning label however was the warning to not use this toy on calf pain.

Moving along, we must always ensure to use plenty of lube with anal play.  I prefer to use water based non-silicone lube.  Also, if you don’t use a condom with your anal toys make sure to clean it thoroughly. It is not waterproof though, so I highly suggest using a toy cleaner.  Elastomer is porous however, so if this toy will be used in more that one place, even on the same person, please ensure to clean it thoroughly!!

When turned on, the end of this toy rotates.  The swinging motion of the tip of this anal vibrator feels incredibly good on the inside of the anal canal. I would say that the rotation is about 1 1/2″ or so.  Nothing too much but enough to feel.

The first time I used this toy I had my boyfriend used it on me.  As it’s not too terribly big, it’s easy to slip in and take a comfortable position while your partner uses it on you.  With the rotation setting set on medium and a nice in and out motion, The Beadazzle massages perfectly.

If you’re a beginner to anal play, this toy is an incredible toy to start with.  It’s thin at the end so it goes in smooth, but widens enough at the end to give you a little stretch.  The uniqueness of this toy however makes it wonderful for more the experienced as well. Thanks Eden Fantawsys!! .

product picture
Probe by Vibratex
Material: Elastomer

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learning to love the dildo

Posted by thekittenpup on June 25, 2009

6282_bigOkay.  Now.  Normally, i’m not a fan of the dildo.  And i will admit that when i got this toy i’m like “ahh a dildo..oh joy of joys…” and it’s like *put it in the back of the to-review list.  Now.  Obviously i didn’t as i have other toys on my list of reviews to do and this one made it forward.  Partially ‘cuz it *is* a dildo and thus there’s not as many functions and variables and such to test out so the testing is done sooner.  However..i’m addicted to this one.  i had my first g-spot orgasm!!  😀 😀

This toy is actually quite pretty.  The one they sent me was the middle one on the picture, i believe the technical name is “purple haze.”  It’s iridescent 🙂  So it shines and you can see hues of blue and purple and even a dash of pink in the right lights. the nitty gritty.

This toy is technically a strap on, and i do not have a harness.  SO, this review will be how this toy works sans the harness.  i like having the base to hold onto, so that’s a major plus!

It’s 7″ long with 6 1/2″ being insertible.  The diameter is only 1 1/8″  Normally this is very disappointing.  However!!!  If you take a gander at the pics i’ve thrown in, it’s got ribs.  Nubs?  Valleys?  Texture?  LOL However you would like to call how this toy is made…ooohhh BABY! (i’ll get into that in just a sec 😉

The Charmer (Note:  When you look at the Babeland website, they actually call this toy the Spine Tingler) Is quite light, and with a length of 7″ it’s a bit floppy, however with a little water-based lube once you get it inserted that’s not a problem.  It did take me 2 hands to insert it because it flops around so easily.   Then again if you’ve read previous reviews you’ve heard me talk of my anatomy (very thick outer lips, pretty much no inner lips) so this wasn’t surprising to me.

The Charmer is phthalates free, it’s bleachable, boilable, dishwasher safe and non porous.   The Charmer is silicone.  Being boilable that would mean this toy is waterproof!  So in the tub we go with it!  It’s latex free and hypo-allergenic so this is an incredibly body friendly toy.  Also, it’s extremely easy to clean being boilable, dishwasher safe and bleachable (though i’d be very careful using bleach!!  i suggest no more than a 10% mixture…) you would be able to use this toy anally ( i have not tried is such).  As always, safety first; i suggest using a condom. Also; because this toy is made of silicone, use a water-based lube to avoid reactions with the product material. And also, if you use condoms make sure they are silicone free (ya never know!)charmer

Now the fun stuff 😀  This toy is PERFECT for my g-spot!  It was with this toy that i had my first g-spot orgasm.  It seemed that no matter what i did, those little ribs hit my g-spot just perfectly.  It did absolutely nothing for me otherwise however.  The Charmer is long enough to bump your cervix if you like that, however being floppy, for me, it doesn’t seem to hit it hard enough.  Besides, with it stroking my g-spot so well i honestly didnt’ care much about my cervix being stimulated LOL  i also did try this on my clit, and first off the end is too thick, and secondly when you press down it bends so you get so little pressure.  Also sans any vibes, it just lack..well, pretty much anything for clitoral stimulation.

For me this toy was awesome both laying and sitting.  i highly suggest this toy.  If i did a x stars out of x type of review (which i’m working on starting! :D) this one would have full rating!  i know i’ve yet to do an actual “negative” review and have talked highly of all the products i’ve reviewd so far (not that many really) but this one is my favorite by far.  Hell, i want this one in the other colors!!!


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Oh My..the surprising Evolved Bliss

Posted by thekittenpup on June 22, 2009

So, originally this was going to be my first, fairly negative review.  However, i was pleasantly..and orgasmically surprised.  First off, i LOVE the packaging.  Evolved, once again, gave their product appealing, unique and safe packaging with their stylish tin cans.  The Bliss is 7″ long with an insertible length of 5 3/4″.  It’s got a circumference of 1 3/8″.  It comes in pink and purple.  BlissPurp400

Now.  i was initially turned off as the Bliss is surprisingly hard.  It’s made of non-pourus plastic.  It’s phthlates and latex free.  So, it’s body safe.  It’s also waterproof, which is awesome.  It’s a fairly standard vibrator, 3-speed.  My one big complaint, aside from the rigidity of it, is that it’s push button.  Right on the end of the battery cap.  i was unable to find a picture of it, so i will be doing a video review of this, where i can show you! 😀

evolved-bliss So.  2 other downsides to this toy.  It’s fairly loud.  If you’ve got it shoved in to the hilt, you can’t hear it much. But, as you pull it out and if you use it on your clit or to stimulate your labia, then you will hear it.  On the lowest and medium setting, if you’re under covers and have something like a fish tank, you won’t hear it.  The last setting… if it’s outside of the covers even with a fish tank you could hear it through the wall.

The vibrations are a pretty standard 3 speed steady vibration.  No patterns or pulsations or anything.  Also, the vibrations are disappointingly weak.  If you don’t need those mega vibrations, then this toy is perfect. Also, it’s quite thin, so if you like and/or need some girth, then keep on looking.

It however feels excellent on the skin!  It’s got a nice velvet cote on it that feels amazing.  Now on to it’s performance….

Laying down, it’s disappointing.  Because of it’s lack of girth, even where the ribs are, i need to be hitting my cervix to get any kind of reaction.  Now, there ARE the 4 ribs on this toy.  And keep in mind this toy is hard.  So.  This couold hurt you.  If i play with this toy the wrong… or right 😉 way it the nubs can hurt.  However, if i’m sitting…. WOW.

Tonight, i was sitting on a patio outside.  New i needed to play with the Bliss one more time so i could do a decent review on it. So.  i’m sitting in the chair, put both feet up, throw a little water-based lube on her and slide her in.  Hit the button and start playing.  Holy fucking shit.  The little ribs on this guy hit my g-spot like nothing else has.  4482-big

i really had to keep up the work though.  If i stopped it was all over.  And also, because of the placement of the button you can’t hold this toy with your finger over the cap, unless you concentrate to keep it bent.  Otherwise, you hit the button and change the vibration off of where you wanted it.  i tell ya..nothing ruins it but that.  However…get me sat up…get that on a medium vibration..and ooohhh yea…..THANKS EDEN FANTASIES!!!

Edited to add: if forgot!  The Bliss takes 2 AA batteries.

Edited again: First off, i apologize for the spelling erroes… secondly, for cleaning this is hard plastic so no boiling.  Use good ‘ole soap and water, or your favorite toy cleaner.

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Micro Power T

Posted by thekittenpup on June 6, 2009

SE115710Okay.  So… this little guy…i have to say.  WOW.  i can’t think of anything else.  So let’s start at the beginning of my love obsession with the little Micro Power T.  And it’s by California Exotics, which makes me happy.  Love California Exotics!

Got it in the mail and had to wait quite a while before i could open it.  have 2 young children in the house, so right time and place and all that LOL.  i have to say, i was shocked by how small it is.  It’s maybe half an inch larger than the picture to your right there.  i’m serious.  So i was all… “is this IT??”

But, being the strong believer in the whole “motion in the ocean vs size of the boat” adage i plunked in 2 double a batteries (that did not come with it) and hit the little button and turned it on.  HOLY SHIT.

Micro Power? More like Mega Power!  The little T vibrates so … so… well it vibrates the hell out of itself!  i can barely keep hold of it! Needless to say i’m quite glad for the T shape so i can hook my fingers around the T part of the top there.

Now.  Vaginally..well, there’s so little substance to this toy that it’s pointless to even try vaginally.  You can’t feel it.  There’s just not enough of it there, and it’s not big enough to even attempt g-spot stimulation.  The T top of the toy keeps it from any sort of serious insertion.  Again due to the small size, this toy won’t work anally either.  While the T top would keep it from any sort of too-deep insertion accidents, there’s just not enough of it for any sort of internal stimulation.  i have however seen this toy advertised as an anal vibrator…. it’s 2 1/4″ by 1.5″.  Need i say more?image_1157-10-3

However, clitorally this baby rocks the fucking world! The nub at the end of the T is so easy to place wherever you want it on your clit and it’s small enough you can move it around if you want.  Considering the power of the vibrations however, this may be too much if you prefer diffuse pleasure on your clit.

This little guy is also awesome for nipple stimulation.  You are able to place it either directly on your nipple, or (as i prefer) put the longer side against the side of your nipple.  With that i feel the sensations more throughout my entire nipple, rather than so directly on the nub.

It has 4 settings that you can “scroll” through via a button at the top of the power pack.  My big complaint with this toy however is that the button is flush to the power pack itself.  As such, it makes it difficult to find it if it’s dark.  You really can’t tell the different between the power pack and the button.  You just end up sliding your thumb around it for quite some time before you hit it just right to push the button down.

You also can only scroll through all functions.  There’s no button for function 1, then another for function 2, etc.  This gets annoying if you’re looking to get straight to function 3, however is nice if you need a good “wind up” or “wind down.”

The Micro Power T is waterproof, which is handy if you like to play in the pool or tub, and is made of Velvet Cote ™ from Cali Exotics, so it feels nice and silky smooth.  So far i have to say this is my favorite material, however i have lots to try yet!  As it’s waterproof clean up is nice and easy! 🙂  Just wash it with your favorite toy cleaner or hot water and your choice of cleaning agent.

OH!  Can’t forget the sound level.  It’s quiet.  It’s DAMN quiet.  i can have this baby out from under the blankets and on the highest setting i barely hear it. 😀

i love this one! Thanks again Eden Fantasies!!

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Girls Best Friend; Butterfly Teaser

Posted by thekittenpup on June 3, 2009


Okay…so the Girls Best Friend Butterfly Teaser is this little bullet with a butterfly shaped sleeve on it.  At approx. 3 1/2″ tall and 3″ wide it’s nice and small and it’s waterproof, which kicks ass, especially for cleaning!  i find little cleaning is needed since it’s not an insertible, but.. cleanliness is next to godliness and all! so cleaning your juice off is not a problem 😉 LOL

Rather unimposing i was still ridiculously excited when i got this little gem in the mail a few days ago.  my 10 year old nephew had gotten the package from the mailman and told me it was by my computer.  i ran and threw on my bathrobe and opened the box like it was fucking Christmas!  LOL Needless to say the boy had that confused look on his face with his eyebrows crinkled and his head cocked to the side as i squealed, put the toy in the pocket of my robe and ran to the bathroom.  “i’ll be in the shower!!” i said.

In the bathroom i popped open the package and was happy to see that it came with 2 full sets of batteries.  i love that!  AND they even came in a little re-closeable box.  It’s the small things, it really is!  So, she takes 4 little watch style batteries and i had no problem putting them in.  Though there was a little paper in the battery tube that didn’t want to come out for nothin’!  i was quite bouncy by that time and ready to explode from impatience!  i wanted to try my first clitoral toy dammit!  1090-10-3.jpg-1229621794

So, i finally get the batteries in, put the cap on and being the impatient little toy whore i am i turned it on right away.  i was very surprised by the power of the little bullet!  Squealing i slipped the sleeve on, which went on surprisingly easy and turned it on again.  Was i excited to see that you can even see the little antennae vibrate!

So, finally i jump into the shower and it was all i could do to wash my hair before i used this cute little thing for the first time.  Now, i have very thick outer lips and pretty much non-existent inner lips.  So, it took me a bit to get this on the right spot.  So i’m standing in the shower, frustrated at my anatomy and getting a bit disappointed and BOOM!  The antennae find that hot spot on my clit.  HOLY SHIT!  i about came right there.

The power this little baby puts out is astonishing, in my opinion.  The antennae themselves have brought me incredible pleasure, provided i can get them on that spot.  However, because of the intense vibrations i find it’s too much for me to use the antennae.  So, i flip it over and use the little butterfly head.  That, my friends, is ppurrrfect for little ‘ole me.  i prefer diffuse stimulation on my clit anyway, and i can lay in bed with this going for quite some time.  The only problem is that i find after a few minutes i go numb.

With this however, i must say is probably partially the fault of my anatomy because this toy is a little wide, so my outer lips get a lot of vibration stimulation.  So, i can only use this new favorite toy of mine for about 5 minutes at a time.  *pouts*

Tonight i tried her with a vibrator.  To be quite blunt, i came a fucking pussy load!  Used with a smaller slightly curved vibrator holy shit!  The one thing for me is i had to place the clitoral stimulator first, but again, this is my anatomy being difficult.  Once i got the teaser turned on and placed, and the porn on and the vibrator turned on and in i was in slutty subbie heaven! i came quite fast and even had jello legs!  *laughs*

Aside from the vibrations almost being too much, this toy is not all that quiet.  i was able to hear the vibrations over the noise of the fish tanks and the sounds/bow-chicca-boow boow  porn music.  So for some that may be something that might need to be kept in mind.

All in all though…i LOVE this one!!  Thanks Eden Fantasies! 😀

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